Advice before starting

Advice before startingAdvice before starting
Niikolay asked 5 years ago

So I’ve pulled my Experian report, I use Credit Karma to keep an eye on Transunion and Equifax (although I suspect that Credit Karma’s scores are not correct so I don’t use them to monitor my scores, just reports) and everything looks as I suspected it would.


I have one account in collections, two accounts that have been charged off, and one account in good standing but with 3 late payments (30 days)


The one collections account is with PRA, I’ve been looking around and they are notoriously difficult. Should I bother starting with a DV or PFD? Or just PIF and later try to GW?

Also the PRA account is from an SYNCB card, this was one single card but it shows up on my report as two seperate accounts, SYNCB/GAPDC and SYNCB/OLDNAV, the OLDNAV line is closed with no missed payments, the GAPDC is what is being collected and shows missed payments (but it is reporting as $ 0 as it should) is this normal? For one card to report as two seperate accounts?


Also, I know that poking one giant might wake others. Right now I have the money to pay off the collection account, I do not have the money to pay off the other two acounts. Should I wait until I have the money saved up to pay off all accounts before starting, or just worry about one at a time? All of these accounts are well within the SOL for my state.


Thanks for any advice.

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