According to my FICO simulator my score will rise if I don’t pay my bills at all

According to my FICO simulator my score will rise if I don’t pay my bills at allAccording to my FICO simulator my score will rise if I don’t pay my bills at all
cinekzetmer asked 5 years ago

Ok so I’ve been working to pay off my debts and settle any accounts that are not in good standing.  I just paid off a closed charge off account which I found awhile back. I was hospitalized awhile back and the person who was supposed to pay my bills didn’t pay a penny to any single person causing me total credit issue hell.  Now,  I paid this account off in the full amount and my FICO scores went up a bit. So for well over 3 years (since I’ve been out of the hospital and gotten my accounts back where I can deal with them) I’ve paid ALL my bills in the FULL amount due or more each month ON TIME OR EARLY each month but my scores didn’t change at all.  Once I paid off my charge off account in the full amount I saw my scores increase a bit.  Today I just ordered a new report and its showed my Experian score has dropped by 3 points.  I don’t understand this as ALL my bills have been paid in the FULL amount or more each time they are due or some are paid up as much as 3 months ahead of time, I’ve applied for NO new credit, my balances are decreasing making my debt to income ratio less.  From what I read, I’m doing every single thing correct and right so I don’t understand why my Experian score dropped a bit.  In addition *** this is wildly interesting**** my FICO had a section where it allowed me to simulate my scores for such things as bankruptcy and not making any of my payments on time.  Ok so it simulated that my scores would drop with a bankruptcy….as I would imagine it would BUT it said if I never made any of my payments on time for the next 2 years that my scores would increas by 12 points……realllyyyyy????????  Ok so I’ll give that a try….not make any payments on time for the next 2 years and I’m am way more than sure that I will not see my scores increase at all…..actually I think I will see them take a big dive!!!!!  This has caused me to have to wonder how correct my FICO is and how the national credit scoring system actually operates.  I mean really, if people didn’t make their payments on time the world would suffer and companies would die yet, my FICO score simulator says that not making payments on time will not cause any harm at all to anyone.  So hey everyone…..let’s put it to the test….no one make any payments at all to anyone on time or at all for the next 2 years…..we should all expect our FICO scores to increase to like a minimum of like 800 or better by doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do I really feel this will happen ?  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, can anyone explain any of this to me at all?  I welcome all responses and appreciate any responses. Smiley Very Happy

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