AAOA question

AAOA questionAAOA question
linaitame asked 4 years ago

So a little background to put everything into perspective…


I apped for Barclay when I was in need of a new mac and found this site while trying to figure out if my chances were good for approval. After seeing reference to SCT, I dug deeper and of course did a really dumb thing after getting approved for the Barclay by getting 6 comenity store cards. Since I also had a few good VS/MC cards, I also closed my Cap 1 secured card, which happened to be my oldest account. I had no idea that AAOA was a credit factor at the time as I really trashed my credit in my 20s and tried my best to avoid knowing how bad my credit was for about 15 years!


After the closure, my oldest active account is only 11 mos old. I’d like to close a few Comenity cards, but don’t 100% understand the math on AAOA. These accounts are only 2 months old and I’m wondering whether or not they are going to hurt that number even more. 

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