AAoA: Closed accounts due to Fraud/Lost Card

AAoA: Closed accounts due to Fraud/Lost Card
MerrillSab asked 3 years ago

I currently have 3 copies of the same credit card on my credit reports.  1 active, 1 closed due to lost card, and 1 due to fraud.   The closed accounts have a flag that they will remain on my report for 2 years from the date they were flagged.


Has anyone had any success in getting these lines deleted from their reports?  I’ve been shot down twice by management at the credit union and all they have offered is to add a comment.  In calculating my AAoA they are definintly being included in the calculation.  My file is young and thin so the impact is pretty large right now.


Given that these 2 issues had nothing to do with my direct actions I am very frustrated to say the least.


Any recommendations?

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