AA changes coming in March…

AA changes coming in March…AA changes coming in March…
BorisDom asked 5 years ago

As many of you may already know, yestearday Amerian Airlines announced some changes to their program.  Of course, there no real positives, only negatives, none of which is truly surprising.  For those with SPG, the same will happen; so, burn them before conversion and harvest Marriott points.  


Those with an abundance of AA miles may want to make some redemptions before March.


Many wonder why I like to rack up bonuses; some have attributed this to an addiction, some strange irrationality, or outright greed.  Well, it isn’t any of those reasons. In any inflationary environment, one should either (1) spend before the value erodes, or (2) earn a return that outpaces inflation.  Whatever one chooses, the least desirable is to “do nothing,” which most opt for, ironically.  


So, as with any fiat currency (which travel rewards really are deep down), either spend them before they lose value or accumulate at a rate higher than inflation, which is one of the main appeals for harvesting/churning/hack (whatever nomenclature one wishes to use) sign-up bonuses.  

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