A student trying to optimize their credit score

A student trying to optimize their credit scoreA student trying to optimize their credit score
richeventtver asked 5 years ago



I am a 26 year old student with a credit score of 700 that hasn’t really been increasing (or decreasing) over the past year. The only form of credit I currently have is a discover it credit card. I will soon be taking out about $ 10k in direct subsidized student loans as well. Besides that, I have a checking account with chase and discover. I don’t have an income, but will be living off of student loans and grants for the next couple of years, and would prefer to be building credit with a CC during that time rather than paying by debit card.


Currently, on my discover card, I keep my utilization below 10% but above 0%, and make sure to pay on time. I don’t really know what else I can do besides that, and I would like to raise my score, at least to the 750 range.


I can’t take out home or auto loans because I don’t have an income (and don’t need either home nor auto). The only other things I can think of doing are opening another CC or taking out a small personal loan and paying it back vigilantly.


Does anybody have some advice on where I can go from here? I would really appreciate it.


Thank you!

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