A few questions!

A few questions!A few questions!
Yaltahelp asked 5 years ago

So I posted earlier about looking for some help. I went onto Credit Karma and looked at my score. It was a dismal 568. I am also enrolled in the free credit report monthly thing and figured I would see what it was it. It showed my FICO score of 612. How could these be different? Well non the less I was happy to see the FICO much higher but I was concerned on what I saw.

How bad does a public record hurt my score? How long is that on there? Also what kind of score is it good to look at houses? I was told by a realtor that 620 is the minimum.

Sadly the other part is I have no form of credit right now besides a car payment. Tried to get an unsecured card based on Credit Karma’s recommendation and got denied of course.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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