A couple deletions today in the mail.

A couple deletions today in the mail.A couple deletions today in the mail.
Yaltahelp asked 5 years ago

Money recovering (2)
Portfolio recovery.

I’m getting closer. All the collections I have left are midland ( still waiting to hear back from them) and landmark which I have no idea how to get ahold of them.
After that I will just have the original creditors.
I’m still waiting to hear from Wells Fargo.
Merrick bank is being very hard about it.
2 premier accounts in still talking with them. I’m hoping I’m getting somewhere. At least they are communicating with me to come up with a resolution.
Really hoping to have most of this resolved by the end of the year. And just have the bankruptcy the only negitive is the bankruptcy that falls off in 2017. I started in July with a 483 high. 631 high. 148 points in about 3 months.

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