A bit Frustrated

A bit FrustratedA bit Frustrated
eeyowidoego asked 5 years ago

So I opened a new credit card with my CU last month and was told it wouldn’t be reported to the credit bureaus until after my first statement payment. Today to logged in to my Experian credit tracker and see that the just started reporting it. Now, normally this would make me happy to have my new positive TL reporting but I wanted to pay the balance before the statement closed so it would report a $ 0 balance. But I haven’t even receive my first statement yet!! The balance is only about 10% of the limit but since I carry a balance on my Jared card for the time being I really didn’t want anymore balances reported. So thus my frustration. Is this normal for a new bank card to report a balance before the statement is received?? I just want to make sure I handle this new card correctly so I maximize my points on my rebuilding journey.

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