680 vs 700+

680 vs 700+680 vs 700+
Yaltahelp asked 5 years ago

anyone got an estimate how much difference in monthly payment with a 680 vs 700+ scores


my scores should be 680-700 in about 6 months and i dont think i will break 700.  reason, one medical collection wont come off til 2017 and a CO Cap 1 account til 2018.


my mortgage is gona be 350k max since i will be looking to purchase a house under 400k. 

Excel Calculate Interest Only Monthly Mortgage Payment

digitalsoultech replied 5 years ago

You obviously have no understanding of compound interest. Your calculation
is totally wrong

digitalsoultech replied 5 years ago

Thank you!

moskovite1 replied 5 years ago

Take a calculator, and do it simple: 150,000×5.5%:12=687.50 Easy!!!

Kasper Koblauch replied 5 years ago

Thank You!!

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