$5 + 3%cashback on myFico with Ebates!!

$5 + 3%cashback on myFico with Ebates!!$5 + 3%cashback on myFico with Ebates!!
Terrykiz asked 5 years ago

Not knowing what my current scores were was driving me a little crazy, so I decided to pay for the 3b subscription for one month again.  I can’t app so I might as well monitor…well for a month anyway :smileyhappy:


Well, out of sheer curiosity I checked to see if “myFico” was listed on Ebates and sure enough it was! LOL.  I definitely wish I had known about that for my past myFico purchases !   The $ 5 posted almost immediately to my Ebates account…and the 3% cash back for using my Ebates Visa should post within a few days. 


This may be common knowledge to the forum members and if so I apologize!! , but if not, it’s a great way to save a little bit of extra money :smileyhappy:





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