4506T Issue – 2014 Taxes

4506T Issue – 2014 Taxes4506T Issue – 2014 Taxes
PhilipWen asked 4 years ago

I will openly admit I am at fault here.  In March of 2014, my family and I moved from Maryland to North carolina and as tax date came close in 2015 to file, I submitted an extension through TurboTax.  Through normal day to day living, I simply forgot to file them.  Submitted my loan application and was asked to sign a 4506-T which I did.  This weekend I had one of those moments and realized I didn’t file.


Monday morning I went to the post office and sent overnight my 2014 return which was signed for the next day.  Because I was rushing, I forgot to attach my W2!!  I called the IRS this morning and the lady who was very helpful said she saw my electronic W2 from my employer and the amount I said matches what is on the W2. 


I’m due to close on my loan on 3/31 and my LO is telling me not pay the tax bill for 2014 until processed so it will include all penalties and interest.  My thought is that I should pay it now, am I right in my thinking?


I’ve already filed my 2015 and gotten my refund but they are asking for 2014 2013 and 2012.  I have everything except for 2014.


What can I do here to speed things along and close in March?


Thank you!!

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