450 credit score? Help…

450 credit score? Help…450 credit score? Help…
Yaltahelp asked 4 years ago

Okay so me and my boyfriend are trying to rent an apartment and we went through the credit check and it says pending so we have to wait for a call to say approved or denied.

I’m afraid it will be denied because of my extremely low score and I’m only 20! And in college. I screwed up so early.

So the only things on my credit report is:

750 $ Sprint Fee from cancelling my Sprint service because me and my mom could not afford the entire bill. I was working hardly any hours at my last job and we had to break the contract. This was two years ago.

And a 250$ Capitol one secured card that I couldn’t pay after I lost my job. (I’m paying that off this Friday)

I also have 6 Hard Inquiries from two years ago that will be gone by December.

I have student loan of 2,300 on there but it’s subsidized so I don’t even have to pay it until I’m out of school (which is forever) so why would they count that against me if I don’t even HAVE to pay it yet?

That’s all I have… And I have no family AT ALL to help me by putting me on the credit card, co signing, or anything. My bank is Mission Federal Credit union.

What do I do rebuild? I’m super worried. I was close to a 700 when I got my first secured credit card, and then I lost my job. /: help?

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