424 credit score :( any advice would be appreciated

424 credit score :( any advice would be appreciated424 credit score :( any advice would be appreciated
fausaMixail asked 5 years ago

okay so first i would like to say hello and thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to give me alittle advice THANK YOU Smiley Happy 

I am 20 years old and before i became ill last year i was in the process of building my credit and was so far in the mid 600’s i had a daniel’s jewelers account that totalled $ 500 and college credit card with a $ 150 limit and a credit one card with a $ 300 limit i had also taken out a $ 2000 dollar loan with rise and a $ 255 dollar payday loan, right after i had taken out the loan with rise i became ill and had to quit my job. Now i am doing better but am still no longer working but my credit score really took a nose dive. Mid September i checked my credit score via credit karma and it was 424. The accounts that are shown on my transunion credit report are:

Daniels: is shown as open and 120-149 days late with a balance of $ 506 9missed payments

Rise: is shown as closed and purchased by another lender but before it was closed the balance was $ 3800

1FBSD: current balance $ 151 limit $ 150 1 missed payment

Credit one: current balance  $ 342 limit $ 300 2missed payments

and another jewelry account that is closed. Then i have 2 collection account

AD ASTRA REC(payday load): $ 315

UNIQUE NTL C(county library) $ 57

so far i paid the payday loan and when i did my score went to 470 and lasy week i paid the library but havent seen it reflected yet. i brought my credit cards that i do have below the availible credit limit $ 151 is now $ 28 and $ 342 is now $ 244 (still working on getting it to 10% usage) i also set up a payment plan with the company that daniels wanted me to pay but i started the payments at the end of last month and still have not seen daniels change the balance. Lastly i set up a paymeny plan with the company that holds the Rise loan. At this pont my score is 494 and yesterday i applied for a capital one secured card and got approved for a $ 200 CL with a $ 49 down payment is there anything else that i can do to help my report, like is it possible for me to get them to remove those collection accounts all together since they’ve been paid and if so will that help my score? 

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