$42 balance on $5k limit = 0% Util

$42 balance on $5k limit = 0% Util$42 balance on $5k limit = 0% Util
Cliftonagild asked 5 years ago

Live and learn.


I wanted to try to max out my score so I paid off all CC balances before reporting except for one card.  My Venture is my daily driver and has a $ 5k limit.  I have pending charges every day so don’t know exactly what the balance will be at the end of each day.  As it worked out, the statement reported a balance of $ 42.  My CK Equifax (not a FICO I know) shows 0% utilization now and my score isn’t greatly changed from lats month when util was about 25%.


I know that 0% isn’t ideal and wasn’t trying to get to that leve, but now I also know that if you’re below 1% util, it could be considered as 0% as well.

Late payments on my credit report

Experian UK replied 5 years ago
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