40 point drop, can I still acquire a mortgage?

40 point drop, can I still acquire a mortgage?40 point drop, can I still acquire a mortgage?
Neila asked 5 years ago

So I was working on adding accounts to my profile to get a score boost but I think I made a boo boo. I applied for two credit cards (unsecured) since all I had prior to was a secured WF card. I was approved for discover it chrome and capital one platinum. Well 3 months ago I applied for a loan consolidation for federal student loans, and had completely forgot about it. Well to say the least, both credit cards and the loan hit my reports at almost the same time. With the closed old student loan accounts and the credit cards, my scores plummeted from 646 to 599. I was hoping to still be trending upwards by this time to apply for a loan early December. How screwed am I? My husband has good credit, fico is at 703. Have I screwed up our chances for being approved for a loan? I am so upset with myself at this point. I’m almost to tears because I had worked so hard to get that 646! 

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