2nd Credit AMA [Ask me anything] live with user @Broke_Triathlete

2nd Credit AMA [Ask me anything] live with user @Broke_Triathlete2nd Credit AMA [Ask me anything] live with user @Broke_Triathlete
eeyowidoego asked 3 years ago

Hello people,

In a series of AMA’s we are going to be having, today, we are going to have user @Broke_Triathlet on and he will be taking questions about his credit decisions, why he join myFico, what he has learn, what he likes, what he doesn’t like etc. Feel free to ask any questions especially thought provoking one’s but be polite about it. The first goal of the AMA is not to be judgemental but rather why we on the board arrive at certain decisions that some people think are insane.

The second goal is to use this as a learning process and also to help new people joining th board so that they don’t make certain bad decisions. 

DONT’S: Please, no snarky comments. Lets respect the user and let’s get startedSmiley Happy

I will get us started.. @Broke_Triathlet, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

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