2nd Citi pre-select offer. Should I?

2nd Citi pre-select offer. Should I?2nd Citi pre-select offer. Should I?
NetMiner007 asked 4 years ago

So I received an offer for the Diamond pref card last week and took it. Got 0% for 18 months. Still elated to have a card that’s not a subprime bank!!! Been a long rebuilding effort for me. I was approved 6 days ago, just got a pre-select letter from Citi for the simplicity card today for 0% for 18 months again. Should I do it? Or will it likely get declined?


15 inq, 660-670 on all 3 bureau’s. 6% utilization. $ 145k salary. One medical collection left for $ 203, and a settled tax lien still showing. 


I was approved on the diamond card with $ 4.5k SL.


Your thoughts?

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