20 year old trying to fix my credit!! any advice would be helpful!!

20 year old trying to fix my credit!! any advice would be helpful!!20 year old trying to fix my credit!! any advice would be helpful!!
Michaelrib asked 4 years ago

Okay so needless to say I’ve royally **bleep**ed my credit.

According to CK

TU: 386


I have a car loan that’s consigned by my father and I have a balance of 11k with perfect payments

I have two cap one unsecured cards that are basically maxed out and I’ve got 3 late payments on each. They both have 500 dollar limits.. I lost my job and was in a really tight spot for 4 months, good news is I got a new job making roughly 75-90k so I just got caught up on all my bills and I’m going to pay off my cap one cards in full, this month!

I have one account in collections (from moving. Since I lost my job I had to move out of my house and get into an apartment) I’m not real sure what I need to do to get that removed… I could use some advice on that.

I also have a Khols charge card that got closed by the creditor because I wasn’t able to make the payment for those 3 months. I payed it off but it still shows that it’s closed.

I’ve also got 2 student loans totaling 2400 that I’m 120-149 days late. I’m going to contact the company and try to start a payment plan.

That’s my credit situation… I’m really hoping to build my credit so I can try to benefit from from the point systems (miles and rewards, so hopefully I can travel a little while I’m young) and also so I can buy a house one day and I’ve also got to get a new car in 26 months when my lease is up and I really don’t want to have to ask my dad to co sign again..

I’m fixing to mail off letters to the CRA’s regarding the section 609 fair credit reporting act. So see if I can get some of this stuff that’s recently been reported off my credit and see if I get can all my inquires deleted. (I’ve got about 9 inquires in the last year)

I would really appreciate and be greatful for any advice anyone could offer, unfortunately my parents are not really knowledgeable about credit and or have the “you’ll figure it out” motto..

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