20+ cards in 8 months.

20+ cards in 8 months.20+ cards in 8 months.
pavingTarma asked 4 years ago

New member here hi.70’s baby that never used credit cards until Jul 2015.Always rented apartments and paid cash for vehicles.Was fine till it was time to upgrade my dinasaur projection tv to something new,and didn’t have the funds to get one.CreditKarma pegged me at 501 and i needed to get that up.Opened a Cap 1 sec for 1500 which shot me up 63 points.Came across the SCT and well.. ended up with Victoria,Blair,Modell’s,Brylane,Roamans,WomanWithin,FingerHut,EddieB,Solutions,Fullbeauty,JCrew,kingSize,OverStock,and Express.Now since Jul 2015 i also added a few few muncher cards Credit 1-300 Merrik-600 MileStone-300 Verve-500 and two prime Cap 1-500 Discover It-1000.Experian Tracker has me at 683 Merrick 656 Discover 652 Cap 1. 619. Want to close store cards, carry small balences around 0-25% on them.How much will it hurt me seeing how all accounts are under a year?Not one of the store cards gave cli also.wish i would’ve found this forum sooner.HELP!! Update Have 8 inquires now and no baddies,but will be car shopping around Apr.

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