10-day score increases due to MyFico info!

10-day score increases due to MyFico info!10-day score increases due to MyFico info!
AshleyHaumn asked 4 years ago

My mortgage Fico scores on 4/22 were:

Eq: 605

Exp: 625

TU: 651


I got 4 small CA’s, $ 103 total (3X $ 15, 1X $ 58), removed due to the info I received from these forums (and not being afraid to call the CA’s directly) my scores this morning 5/2 are now: 


EQ: 667

Exp: 647

TU: 680


The middle score is now 667 which, for an FHA loan, is considered prime rate (over 660). 


Just as a point of reference my FICO 08 scores barely budged. I gained 1-pt on Exp while the rest stayed the same. 


I disputed PIF accounts with (3) different agencies and they were all removed within days. I called (2) of them in advance while the 3rd i just took a chance on. It seems they really don’t have much motivation to contest PIF accounts but i was surprised at how fast they were removed. However, i’m not sure if this will work for higher balance accounts.

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