1 pt causing Confusion

1 pt causing Confusion1 pt causing Confusion
eeyowidoego asked 3 years ago

Two days ago, my TU score went up a WHOLE BIG 1 point  when I paid my fingerhut balance. 

To be honest, I felt discouraged as I look forward to updates & only saw that it rose 1 point across TU . 


Well…. a few minutes ago (as I’m sitting here in the call center at work), I checked my email & saw I had a NEW score alert from myFICO.

I log in & see that TU went down 1pt. ….. I have no information as to why that would happen. I’m not late on anything. No new inquiries. No new collections.


So disgusted & one of those days I am feeling discouraged Smiley Sad

Although I’ve come from deep in the 400’s in about 6 months, I feel like my endeavors are not going in my favor like I wish & reality is sinking in that I may have to actually work years to get myself completely into the 600’s. End of Rant. Just want anyone else out there feeling like I am to know that no, you are not alone. 


…. now I have to go edit my signature & take 1 point back down to 552 TU. smh

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