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I was watching GSN and a make up artist lady was there during a commercial break, advertising ELF Cosmetics. I went to the website and I’m blown away by the prices and selections. I’m thinking about buying some for an upcoming wedding (next week). I had a few questions about these products though –

1. They’re very cheap priced – are they truly as good as the makeup artist on TV made them out to be?

2. Is there any additional charges other than the listed price (shipping, sale’s tax, etc…)? If so what and how much?

3. How long does it take to ship and arrive at your home? I’m in the USA so it won’t be shipping out of country or anything.

4. What are the best products?

5. They offer eye primer and face foundation and concealer? Are these products good? Do the foundation/concealers cover pimples? I’d HATE to show up to the wedding with a pimple! Ugh! What combination of foundation/powder/concealer should I use from ELF?
And is there eye primer good? I tried Hard Candy’s and it was HORRIBLE! It actually made things worse than if I hadn’t of wore primer at all.

6. Is it online only, or do stores sell it? I’ve personally never seen it in stores, I was just wondering.

I’m asking because I really want to get good makeup for the wedding, but what I have picked out is going to cost around $ 18 for 2 products. My primer would have to come from Victoria’s Secret since no one else has it and it costs $ 8.00 plus tax, then I’d have to buy the Neutrogena Blemish Concealer Pen at $ 8.99 plus tax. This is VERY expensive to me as there are other things I still need to buy. I see that ELF offers eye primer AND foundation, so if I can get it there and have good results I’d love it.

Thanks ahead of time for any help/advice!
My acne is mild – I only get a few pimples here and there. I wouldn’t want any for the wedding though which is why I want a good cover up just in case.
Ok good info. I just noticed the store locator. I’ve heard of some of the locations. Another question – would it be better to order online, or try to find stuff I need at a store who sells ELF?
I don’t have sensitive skin, I was just saying I had acne occasionally and wanted to be prepared in case a pimple would appear during the wedding. My skin is considered normal.

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    smile like you mean it
    October 31, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    elf is pretty good for being cheap but it isnt the best. my favorite products are the oil blotting sheets and the make up brushes they have

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    October 31, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    e.l.f. is really a great brand of products, i’ve ordered from them many times and shipping is usually around 5-6 dollars and arrives surprisingly fast (like 3-4 days). i would highly recommend their brush sets, they are a great value and i love them. also, their liquid concealer is AMAZING. i use it every sing day, it is my all time favorite product from them. they also have great bronzers and cream eye liner. as for an eye primer, i got this really great one at sally’s called claudia stevens eye prep lid primer, and i really like it.

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    Cristina Macy
    October 31, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    the shipping is great, they arent amazing, but u get a bit more then what u pay for. they sell it at some targets, and dollar trees. use the studio line things, the studio line face primer is nice, and its good. try the cover sticks, or concealer palette. dont get their foundation. the eyeliners are ok.
    but elf is very over rated i believe
    i love the blush and bronzer duo.
    along with the eye lid primer, and the mineral shimmer shadows, and the 1$ glosses

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    October 31, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Well I am an Elf lover and let me just tell you that the quality will surprise you! The only charges you pay are the shipping and tax. Shipping is around 5-7$ . Shipping generally takes from 5-8 days, people say they have horrible shipping but from my millions of times ordering it takes only 5-8 days. Some of my favorite products are their minty lip glosses, their mineral blushes, essential lipsticks only a buck!, zit zapper and Eco Friendly Brushes which get the job done exceptionally well! So soft. Also their 36 and 100 piece eyeshadow palettes- only downfall is that some of the shadows in the palette(very few) are chalky and have no color pay off. But overall I’m an Elf lover and don’t let the prices fool you, or make you think that because it’s cheap it will be cheap, because that’s totally not the case.

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    Ashley Crosby
    October 31, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    elf products are amazing. you can accually go on some sights and find dupilicates for mac, urban decay, etc. i personally own almost everything elf makes. and honest, i have yet to hate a product. but i do suggest getting the studio line. the products are a little bit better. and the packaging looks alot nicer. (the packaging is accually why the products are so cheap) i also have very sensitive skin when it comes to foundation and face powders. i have yet to have any sort of make-up outbreak.

    however, i dont suggest getting a whole new product to test out before a wedding, givin your skin sensitivty. so doing a quick switch, not so much of a good idea.

    the primers. eye primers, theyll really watery but work good. the studio face primer, I LOVE. they also sell a conceller/primer duo, i like it. but i use it for my under eye bags. i do suggest highly getting the setting spray. its a little black spray, makes everything you just put on waterproof, perfect for sweating and happy tears.

    shipping is the only con. the first time i ordered, took like 5 days. the past 4 times, almost 2 weeks. so if you do want it for the wedding, they have a store locater on their site. i live in pa, and ive found it at kmart, some dollar stores and targets.

    and they are always have promotions, free shipping, half off whole order, always great deals.

    i really hope you try elf. i promise youll fall in love with it. plus its so enexpensive (not cheap). i spent $ 50, and got almost 30 items. so its not like you spending $ 20 on 1 product. so your not out a whole lot if you dont like it. but try the basics before getting facey. any questions feel free to email!

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    October 31, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    I order from e.l.f. a lot because there is some makeup that just just don’t need to spend $ 15 dollars on. Most of their lip products are amazing! Their regular glosses, and lipsticks are very good quality and I use them every day. I ordered their foundation once and it smelled funny (like baby wipes) and I didn’t like it. It looked too unnatural. Their eye primer didn’t really do anything for me, it just made my eyes watery. I’ve also tried their new primer thing in the black spray bottle. That dried my skin out so bad and made it sticky. For me, e.l.f. is really good with their lip products, nail polishes, $ 1 oil blotting papers (which are usually $ 5-$ 6, but the e.l.f. ones work just as good) and even their eyeliners. But I wouldn’t get their foundations unless your expectation for it is really low. Shipping is like $ 6.95 and they alway have coupons available online that are really good. They usually take about 2 weeks to ship, but with their prices, I can afford to waait for the things I buy in bulk.

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