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A friend of 3 months got me into the club promoting business. We formed a team of 3 people and I came up with the name of the group, which he later took after we split after an argument. The separation was over some money issues and miscommunication. He spent more than he earned and also wanted me to be putting extra money into things that I wasn’t completely in favor of “to party the night on a bigger scale”.

One night we had an argument because he wanted me to chip the full tip of an alcohol bottle (the bottle was free for us since we are promoters) and I told him that it wasn’t fair for me to cover the whole tip ($ 40) when everyone (5 people) were drinking, then he went off to say all type of things and also to terminate our relationship without giving me much of chance to say anything as he wasn’t listening, this was in front of everyone and the club manager. I handle him $ 15 and said the rest of you should cover the rest, and left.

The issue. After we split, I called him on the phone 2 days after and told him that we should have a meeting because the way that everything went down is not “team playing” and that theres was a lack of communication. He answered that there was nothing to talk about and that anything that we needed to talk about was already said. Then hanged up.

Today (2days later), I came home and found that he slipped a whole bunch of flyers under my door and also posted the flyers in my building, these flyers contained the group name that I came up with, and also someone kept on calling me private on my cell without saying a word just breathing hard on it. I find it disrespectful that after he didn’t want to have a discussion about what happened he disrespected my place by basically rubbing on my face that he is using the name and dropping unsolicited mail at my HOME, plus calling my cellphone private to bother. (no one calls me blocking their number)

Adding to the mess. His younger sister is currently crashing at my place and I was thinking about taking away the keys away from her for safety purposes as he already disrespected my home, therefore I don’t want to give him margin for anything else to happen.

I thought about 3 solutions:
1. I was thinking about letting the whole thing go and keep on doing promotion with another club which I already started doing

2. Going after him and making his life a living hell by putting a restraining order on his head and start working for the same club as he is now, so he has to step out and keep a distance by law. And also sell him out with his old affiliates by letting everyone know that he is now working with the competition ripping their posters and giving inside information that he wasn’t supposed to be doing.

3. Your opinion. How do you think that I should handle it?

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    George S
    July 26, 2011 at 12:55 am

    Stay with # 1. Forget about # 2. Be glad you are rid of the abusive alcoholic. You are better off. He will probably sink the business.

    Explain the situation to the sister. Don’t take it out on her but make sure she won’t cooperate with him in any harassment.

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    Steve T
    July 26, 2011 at 1:39 am

    consult a lawyer

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    July 26, 2011 at 1:54 am

    His sister does not have anything to do with it and if she pays rent or if you admit that she lives there then you have no right to take her key away because her brother screwed you. Second of all a restraining order is a protective order so if he has not harmed you in a violent way a restraining order should not be tooking out wasting the time of those people that could be helping the wife thats been getting her ass kicked for 15years. If your gonna handle it then handle it and go with #2

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    July 26, 2011 at 2:38 am

    I would try and stay away from that type of person. It’s usually better to go on with your life, make your own life better, because bringing someone else down doesn’t bring you up. If you don’t respond, eventually they should get bored. He probably enjoys seeing people frustrated and if you don’t rise to it, he himself will get frustrated and stop doing in. If the person calls again, try just laughing at the breathing and how pathetic it is. (might really piss off the caller)

    Regarding the sister: If they are really close, I would suggest taking back the keys. Otherwise, it’s not really fair to punish the sister for the crimes of the brother. At a minimum, I would talk to the sister. Depending on the situation, consider telling her that you don’t blame her for any of these problems and would like to stay cool with her. If you do take back the keys, odds are the word will get back to the guy and he’ll try to cause more problems with you.

    If what you’re saying is all true, more than likely, he will crash and burn on his own. Since you recently worked with him, try to distance yourself from him as much as possible so that you aren’t burned by the flames of the wreckage.

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