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I Rescued a registered american staffordshire terrier from a bad next door naber that was taken to prison for doing and selling drugs. The mom of the men said that she hates dogs so i could have her and everything she came with. A weird dog kennel, dog registry , some food and i think that was it….oh and PUPPYS! yes i took this beautiful dog of mine in to get spade …but they said that the puppys would die if i did that O_O what puppys! so i took her home and took care of her and now they are all three borne and de wormed taged and have shots. I cant get red of them now they are my family. I live out in the country with a few show jumping horses. The puppys are now eating hard dog food and this is where i need your help…

How much should i feed them? Will they be okay outside all day by them selfs no leashes? thers no one around for miles and all my horses are in the fince the dogs cant get into. I hate to leave all of them in my book room. they are going to start to eat everything! Can you just give me some tips?
These puppys are 2 months old – Are they too yung to neuter and spay? Would it be fine for me to spay Nixy (The mom) Since the babys are eating hard dog food now?
I use to own 6 dogs all rescued from shelters so im 100% sure i can handle just 4. My dogs love me and they wont be staying outside tell they are at least 4 months. My paddocks are wood…they wont harm the puppys and my horses are in the barn usaly i only work a few hours a day so im usaly not gone for long.
Okay im just going to ad ONE more small Detail 🙂 I own 15 acres of wide range land – My dogs (whom i love) will stay in at night. There is a fince that divides the gravel from the grass (Aka raod from drive way) My dogs are allready verry house trained- so that is okay but im sure they want to run and i am not giving my dogs away…They will be in a dog fight or in a pound or locked up in the city in a cage O_o i cant do the stress as a new mommy!
(I might sound crazy but i just found out that i CANT have children) 🙁 verry hard time for me my nixy has helpd me thrue.
My guy as a friend Said that he can come over tomorow to buld a large dog fence they can be safe in! This is good now?

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    August 3, 2011 at 4:16 am

    No because remember puppies are small and have no sense of safety. If you do attempt to leave them outdoor and open yard apart from a fenced in paddocks, Expect to find them disappeared down the road-been run over or have receieved an electric shock from trying to go in the horse paddocks under the fence. Puppies don’t natural stay in a unfenced in yard and even very rarely do adult dogs do, if something frighten any of them, the 1st reaction is to FLEE!

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    August 3, 2011 at 4:31 am

    What i would is feed them 3 times a day and you could leave them alone as long as the puppies are with thier mother in a safe pen or puppy proof room. I f you can’t take care them put a ad up on

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    August 3, 2011 at 4:32 am

    Feed them as much as they want to eat, their puppies they need it to grow, I think at age 1 is when you start limiting their amounts.

    And no they will not be okay free roaming all day.

    edit: some places will spay/neuter at 8wks. Call around or see what your vet recommends.

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    August 3, 2011 at 4:33 am

    First question – why can’t you home these puppies? What sex are they as you do realise that as they mature, you are risking dominance fighting issues with the males – and needless to say, if there are bitches, they will need to be spayed (as will mum). Much better would be to advertise for good homes for these puppies (even if you perhaps keep one – I know how attached one gets to puppies!! and keeping one softens the blow when the time for them to go home comes).

    Secondly, no way would I leave them to free-roam while you are away. It’s not so difficult to build a kennel and run so even if you don’t want them shut in the house, they are still properly contained. This is only responsible dog ownership after all …… you presumably have your horses properly fenced in? We get more ‘lost’ dogs who live free-range on farms, than anything else!!!

    But do consider finding good homes for at least a couple of these puppies. It will be for the best, for them.

    Add – 2 months is too young to neuter!! Spay the bitches at around 6 months, and the males not before a year – better at 18 months. Get mum spayed mid-way between her seasons – about 2/3 months from the previous season.

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    August 3, 2011 at 5:04 am

    No dog who has not been to a place enough time to think of it as home should be left unconfined if at all possible. However if you must do it check on them as many times each day as you can or have someone else just check and spend as much time as you can with them at the place you want to leave them. Non-spill-able water containers is a must because they need water at all times. Play, feed, train them gently there. Give them shelter that protects them from harsh weather like rain and heat. If they are weaned [no longer nursing] free feed them for now. But make sure that the food does not attract other animals, especially wild animals that can spread rabies. Any dog under 4 months of age can get rabies because the vaccine is not given until then.

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    August 3, 2011 at 5:26 am

    How much you feed varies with the size of the pups (you didn’t say how old they are) and the fat/protein/calorie levels of you food.

    Generally speaking it’ll run right around 1 cup each 3-4 times a day.

    Whether or not they can run around off leash depends on how your farm is set up. Assuming they can be safe from the horses, cars, etc then yeah they can be off lead. Puppies will normally follow you around pretty closely. You just have to keep a close eye on all of them.

    Leaving them outside by themselves is not a good idea though. There’s no end to the ways puppies can hurt themselves that you never would of thought of. There’s also the danger of other dogs or wildlife harming them. Leaving them all day will also be problematic as they will take most of their social lessons from each other and bond with each other instead of you. You’ll need to take time to work with each individually.

    If there’s no other option and you can’t find homes for them then you can construct or buy proper enclosures for indoors or if the weather is appropriate, outdoors. Outdoor enclosures should take into account weather and security from other dogs/wildlife as well as being escape proof and just generally safe.

    For general tips, research “the critical stages of puppy development”. It’s a real eye opener if you haven’t read about it before.

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    August 3, 2011 at 6:04 am

    Hi Delilah

    The pups should be on a puppy chow at this time. You feed according to weight, and divide it into 3-4 smaller meals. Directions should be on the back of the bag of food. We usually err on the side of generosity, since they are growing, plus a few treats.

    It is not safe to leave them outside unsupervised at this time. Perhaps you can set up a pen for them. Hog panels or rolled fencing with a few t-posts would work fine. When you have time to play with them, train, and supervise, let them run til they’re pooped.

    It’s fine to spay Mom now, but would wait on the pups. See what your Vet recommends. You might also want to consider finding homes for a couple. No big rush, but you may end up with pack issues. Most breeders don’t place siblings together with new owners. Nice that you took this dog in & provided a good home.

    Best of luck,

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