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I don’t understand these questions and need help with them. Please tell me what you think the answer is and explain why so I can understand. I have 2 questions.

1) One of the most frustrating habits students learn from test-obsessed and textbook-oriented schooling is to acquiesce in their own lack of understanding. Students become conditioned to get through a chapter rather than think it through. They are always swept off to the next quiz or test, and when they don’t understand something they learn to fudge it. This is partly because they are afraid to display their ignorance to the teacher. If they read the text and don’t understand a concept, that’s their problem. Instead of being a challenge, “not knowing” is internalized as a sign of some inner deficiency that should, at best, be hidden from public view. What I try to do is encourage my students to feel comfortable enough with me and with the rest of the class to let their lack of knowledge show. When this freedom to struggle toward understanding becomes a part of the class mentality, a vibrant and challenging intellectual life begins to thrive. Herbert Kohl “The Discipline of Hope” Based on this selection we can infer which of the following

a)Kohl has been teaching for many years.
b)Kohl teaches at a community college.
c)Kohl devotes much of class time to discussion.
d)Kohl has a great deal of influence in his school district.

2) . . . . this is Las Vegas, the never-ending boomtown where the American dream lives large: in particular, the dream of holding a job and owning your own home. Hundreds of people flood this desert town daily to park cars, scrub toilet bowls, deal cards, and build houses on foundations of fantasy. Most of them make their homes well beyond the central (yet non-urban) span of bright, blinking hotel towers that defines Las Vegas in the world’s imagination. When they can afford to, they migrate to stucco houses painted seashell pink and desert ecru, topped with Spanish-tile roofs, on roads named Sweetwater Place, Shorecrest Drive, and Snorkel Circle. Huddled around newly paved cul-de-sacs, these homes form master-planned communities (MPCs) that seem to rise and expand across the desert overnight. Others live on horse ranches or around exclusive golf courses and synthetic lakes, surrounded by guarded gates. They live in row after row after row of identical three-bedroom adobe homes, or in mobile-home parks for retirees, or in pastel apartment complexes overlooking blue swimming pools full of well-tanned singles working the night shift. Those who cannot afford homes like these live in public housing. Those who can’t get into public housing live on the streets. –Lisa Moskowitz, “For Sale,” The Real Las Vegas Although the writer does not say so in the paragraph, Las Vegas has a very limited natural water supply and, in fact, imports most of its water from elsewhere. Which of the following phrases from the paragraph suggests why Las Vegas home developers name streets Sweetwater Place, Shorecrest Drive, and Snorkel Circle?
Question options:
a)”the American dream lives large”
b)”master-planned communities”
c)”[they] build houses on foundations of fantasy”
d)”public housing”

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    August 11, 2011 at 8:18 am

    I guess for #1 it could be either C or D…
    And for #2 I’m not sure. I think its C…

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