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I have a Panasonic TH-42PHD8UK and I’m looking to access digital over the air content. What do I need? Antennae? Receiver/Tuner? Also, I live in a city with tall buildings around me.


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    October 15, 2011 at 12:07 am

    What you have is a High definition monitor and should not be referred to as a HDTV. An HDTV would have a tuner built into it and yours does not. In fact, it also does not have built in speakers, it has the connections for external speakers – which you will have to get. As for tuner, you can buy an external ATSC tuner.

    Since you do have tall buildings around you, it might be best to input your physical address at to see what sort of signal you can expect to get and what type of antenna you would need.

    So to summarize, what you would need for digital over the air reception is:

    ATSC tuner
    External speakers
    Correct size antenna pointed in the correct direction(s).

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