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I’m in some deep crap here guys. Please, if anyone can help me out at all, it would be so appreciated.

So I had an old Paypal account that had around $ 10 the last time I remember seeing it. I had all my old bank account numbers and debit card on the account. Two-three months ago my parents credit card/bank accounts, everything was hacked. My parents and I, for safety, shredding everything involving our personal finance stuff. We received new credit card numbers, debit cards, and bank account numbers.

Paypal called me about a month ago saying that I had an outstanding balance of $ 195.00 on my Paypal account. I told them I did not do it and would not pay for it. They went through what they called a ‘review’ and then they called back saying that I had done it. I was able to sign into Paypal that night and take my home phone off the account and so I thought I was in the clear until today.

Paypal called my mobile phone right after school and the lady said I still owed $ 195.00 and was asking me all these questions on how I could pay, etc, etc. She asked if I’d ever lived at 9329 34th street, LA, CA and I told her no. I live in Texas. She said if I don’t pay by this week it will be transferred ‘out of Paypal’s hands.’ I’m SCARED now and don’t know what this means. My parents will flip if they think I owe Paypal $ 195. I don’t know what to do.

Could Paypal screw up my credit, etc. for later in life (my OLD debit card and bank account where on that account)? I don’t have access to either the debit card or the bank account in Paypal’s system. They are both CLOSED.

Could I go to jail?

What should I do!?


UPDATE: So what I really need to know is what they can do if I don’t pay? All that is on the Paypal account I believe is my cell phone number and one of the addresses on my account may actually be the real one. Both the debit card and bank account are not active anymore but still may be linked to my name, etc. Paypal said they would hand over the unpaid amount to a ‘debt collection agency’.

Could Paypal mess with my credit score, could I get sued, what’s the worst that could happen? I don’t want to bring my parents into this.

Whoever said hire a lawyer or call the police that’s gone too far. I don’ want to make this a huge deal. I’ve explained everything to Paypal multiple times, they don’t care.

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    falsi fiable
    August 14, 2011 at 3:45 am

    Could be a scam. Ask for verification of the debt. CAUTION: Tread very carefully here or you lose certain rights.

    Read and learn:

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