OCTA bus route Brea Mall to Irvine?

im going to brea mall today (work) and it ends at 8.
however, i dont have ride so im trying to find a OCTA bus route back to irvine.
I looked up bus routes online.
and I think “53 ORANGE-IRVINE via Main St, Santa Ana Terminal” is the correct one
but im not so sure (i never took bus before o_o)

is that mean if i take bus #53 at brea mall, I’ll be able to get off at Main St, Irvine?

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2 thoughts on “OCTA bus route Brea Mall to Irvine?

  1. Go to http://www.google.com/transit and put in your start and end address. It will tell you exactly which bus to take.

  2. Yep, #53 will do it. It will take hours, but it will do it.

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