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I posted a single airman first class in Japan, and I want to finish a home loan / mortgage through the VA, but it seems they do not let me so that I do not deal, so I did not have a spouse, may do so either. However, they offer an opportunity to implement a loan guarantee combined with non-veterans. First, what is a loan guarantee. Go to E-3 19 years, what type of credit score is I have to look around for a loan of 100-200K with the VA loan lenders or other such interest that I will seek and if I combine w / a non-veteran and go for the VA loan, which form their credit should be? Any other type of advice for all would be very grateful! I want to make this investment on a house and me in real estate since the housing market is down and it’s a great time to buy. Does anyone have good advice please and Real Estate as descriptive as possible! Thank you so much time! Due to the limitations of the VA, it would be a better idea for me outside the VA office looking for a home loan / mortgage? And I should be a common bond? Credit and debt are not a problem. With a guaranteed salary and income strong, I do not see being a problem either ..

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