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I’m in trouble what can I say and the only thing left is to file bankruptcy. I do own a home and I’m current with the payments.I do not want to lose my home.What I make right now is just enough to support myself and my kids. Few years ago my then husband took a second mortgage on another property that we own at that time. After separation we have lost that home and we agree for me to remain in this home now and pay for it which I do. The problem is that things changed. I lost my job , divorce etc and we stop paying that loan. Its about 27.000 dollars. After stop paying the loan was handed to a collection agency. I agree to pay them 100 a month. But is getting harder in harder to go by. Mortgage , food, gas , 2 kids ,etc I can’t make it. I really don’t have any other debt except a 1800 dollars credit card that is still current. I have a part time job now and I don’t know how to make it.The ex husband don’t help. My question is can i file to bankruptcy on my own? I don’t have money to pay a attorney. My credit is ruined already.I need to get out of this without loosing my home. When I did my taxes I paid off some other bills that I had. I don’t want to do this just to get away from my debt, but I don’t see any other option. I make 900 a month.
i forgot to say that I live in Illinois

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