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My old floor rose high and is no good. I need a new floor. I live in Brooklyn, NY and dont know who to turn too. I went to empire and they said for my 600 square feet apartment they want around 8,000 dollors including everything like floor removal but they include 25 year warranty whatever that means. Home depot is a little cheaper but I heard bad things about them and they are also expensive.

I am so afraid of getting ripped off by a contractor. Can anyone help me with advice or know anyone whom is good. please??????????????????

By the way how much to install 600 square feet thanks…

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    G C
    August 30, 2011 at 6:20 am

    Do you own the apartment or is it part of an apartment building you are renting from?

    If you’re renting, can you talk to your landlord if you have numbers and contractors in hand?

    Can you do any work yourself? Most of it isn’t rocket science, just requires a lot of research on the net, and perhaps inquiring to some pros if you can observe some real jobs.

    At most, you should have no more than $ 4 per square foot. for installation. If floor needs repair, expect more.

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    August 30, 2011 at 6:26 am

    Wow! I have heard about how expensive it is to live in NY. Hard to believe. When you say that your old floor rose high… I don’t quite get that but it almost sounds to me that it has buckled up. That can be a sign of water leaking in from somewhere and causing your subfloor to bubble. We had a small leak from a dishwasher run between the subfloor and the tiles once. All of a sudden the tiles were loose and we had no idea it was happening. Luckily we were able to find the leak, repair it and dry the floor out before it was too late!We can buy clearance laminate flooring here in the interior of British Columbia, Canada for $ 1 – $ 2 /sq. ft. We also bought thick good-one-side plywood suitable for subfloor for about $ 30 for a 4’x8′ sheet. Huge difference from what you are quoted. Of course the prices go all the way up from there. What type of flooring are you thinking of installing? There are tricks to every trade but flooring is relatively easy to install and do it right with a bit of research. The click style laminates are kind of like lego. Very important to get your subfloor and underlay correct before you lay the top floor tho’. Costco here had a good deal on some click laminate with the foam underlay already glued to it. That just leaves your subfloor to be concerned about. If you are concerned with soundproofing or the condition of the existing subfloor… you might want to use extra screws to tighten it up and/or an extra layer of thin, good one side plywood. If you planning to install slate or ceramic tiles.. mostly you have to buy a product called “Hardiboard” (which you screw down on top of your subfloor) so that the floor doesn’t flex and break your tiles and/or grout. There are good sites online with professionals to advise. 2 of my favourites are Jon Eakes & Holmes on Homes. If you need to continue living in your apartment while you work… it is possible. Just plan your work for a small area at a time and work your plan so the piece you tear out at least has the subfloor re-installed in that area before you tear up the next piece. Theoretically you could lift up an area as tiny as 4 ft x 8 ft at a time. It just depends on how long you are willing to put up with working after work and on weekends to complete it. You do not need a lot of tools actually to get it done but would need to invest in a few. A Reciprocating Saw; pry bar; hammer; skill saw, electric screw driver; tape measure; square for starters. Your costs tops…. $ 500 tools/ $ 600 subfloor/ $ 1200 quite good flooring – the rest would be their overhead & labor. You get to pick. It’s a project for sure. Have no idea what your trash laws are where you live either… that could be a concern although there are salvage & junk dealers who sometimes want the leftovers. Home depot uses subcontractors… better to find a actual contractor 1st- hand (ask him to provide references). Go online to learn what questions you need to ask any of them. Do not pay them in advance – if they check out then approx. 1/3 down is usually okay! Never pay in cash! Always get proper receipts with full names of company & signed by the owner!…Make sure that they know no more money until the contract is finished. If they are concerned about payment there are ways to put the money in trust to be released when the job is done properly. I can’t remember exactly how, but if you have a lawyer or banker they can usually advise you – (plus “if” you say that you are going to put the payment agreed to for your lawyer to pay on your behalf… they will watch their behavior). Amount should be in writing, in the contract & not open to changes. Get a contract both to sign 1 for u – 1 for contractor to keep. Lots of things you can do to protect yourself. Check with “Better Business”, local builder’s assoc. etc., etc.

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