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Hi guys,

During the credit crunch my family haven’t been doing to good. My dad has been out of work for the past 5 years due to a leg injury and will not be able to work again, and at this stage, we could really do with some extra cash.

Knowing that my dad will never be offered a job again, I spoke to him over the phone about starting our own business. He seemed to like the idea, we decided we would like to build customers PC’s that were based entirely on their needs and do some case modifications. I’m not sure how well this is go, but there’s no harm in trying right?

So, I am thinking of sending of some designs to printing companies to get some business cards done but we still haven’t thought of a name. At first my mother suggested “Bits ‘N’ PC’s” but I thought that it wouldn’t be so successful in the long run. Bit to childish for my likings.

So if any of you have any great ideas, I’d love to hear them! Many thanks.

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    January 21, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    not a bad name sometimes the childish ones are the best….however if you need extra cash i have found a great way to get cash delivered right to your door (literally) so if you think you might be interested check out my site

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    Andrew D
    January 21, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    When you decide on a business name you need make a quick phone call to check with the secretary of state to make sure that the business name isn’t taken for two reasons:

    1: so that people don’t confuse your marketing efforts with the other business or their marketing efforts with your business.

    and 2: so that you don’t infringe on a copy write and end up getting sued for using someone else’s name and if you do anything that they can prove to be detrimental to the business name you could also get charged with defamation of character, not because you made a bad name for yourself with poor customer service, but because you made a bad name for someone else. (because you had the same name).

    So, check before you name your business so that you don’t waste marketing efforts and get sued.

    Also, you will want to register your business name so that no one else takes it if they register it first.

    And about the actual name, I think there is a company in Salem Oregon called “bits n pc’s.” It’s either “pits n pc’s” or “bits AND pc’s” I don’t remember the exact name but I remembered it had the word “bits” followed by the word “PCs”. But if you check with the secretary of state you may be able to take the name if they haven’t registered with the secretary of state, or if they went out of business, then you could obtain it that way also!

    Either way, I wouldn’t go with “Bit’s n’ PC’s” if I were you. Sure it might be a little childish like you said, but for another reason: One thing that is VERY, VERY important is that your business name describes what you do. So when people see your business name they know what it is that you do right away.

    So if you build custom PCs, than you could call your business: “Custom PCs”

    (IF, IF that name isn’t already taken.)

    And if the name is taken you could personalize it. How about “Thomas Custom PCs” or “Custom PCs by Thomas”

    Or “ABC Custom PCs” or if you want to be the first in the phone book listings you could name it “AAA Custom PCs” (pronounced ‘triple a custom pcs) but “abc” is a bit more memorable of a name and it will probably bring you to the front of the phone book listings anyways.

    Good luck with your business ventures!

    P.S. If you ever want to talk business or you need to sell a private mortgage note you can reach me at my website:

    (See how my business name describes how I distribute cash through networking?)

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    Adam B
    January 21, 2013 at 10:41 pm

    Hi Thomas,

    Firstly GOOD FOR YOU…

    It is hard though to get this type of business off the ground, especially with so many companies making ‘all-singing-all-dancing computers for such little cash nowadays. I have found that a lot of my computer customers specialise in the ‘repair and refurbishment’ and offer things like ;Computer Cleanout, Data Retrieval, Set up Service, Virus Removal, Defragmentation, Software Installation, Antivirus protection, Networking computers together, Wireless setup & Printer Networking, telephone extension cabling, etc…

    They do this kind of service as they find it impossible to build PCs and install the required licenced software at prices to compete with the big boys, but there is a huge need for help, support and maintenance once you get the computer home and try to set it all up!!!

    May I suggest you spend your cash on Leaflets instead of Business Cards… you can do a ‘small’ leaflet that will do as both, but you can get your business up and running very quickly by bashing out leaflets around the houses… See my answer to a previous question about designing leaflets that work:;_ylt=ApykGGf.CHw_ORAvgMCRujshBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20081015085013AALpyBa&show=7#profile-info-W6s13tDVaa

    Here are a couple of alternative names, and the first one is a version of your idea:

    Bytes n’ PCs (Bits & Pieces)
    PC Wizard
    PC Assist
    The PC Guru
    PC Angels
    PCR ‘Resussitation for your Computer’! (a play on CPR)
    PCR – Bringing your Computer back to life…
    (Your Town Name) PC Support
    PC Design
    Designer PCs
    APC (sounds like ABC, and rolls off the tongue easily, and gives you good alphabetical placing in telephone directories… Your ‘logo’ could be 3 kids alphabet building blocks in a pyramid shape with the A on top of the P&C blocks)

    Good Luck!!!

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