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I lease the ground and lower basement floors of a 3 story terraced house. Another couple lease the flat above me in the privately owned building. About 2.5 years ago water began to fill the basement, I do not know for sure where it is coming from but the concrete floor is breaking up and water is constantly pooling, I have to suck it up with a vacuum designed for use with water. I was under the impression my service charges included buldings insurance obtained by the freeholder but he has failed to act to date and I now do not think he had buildings insurance in place when I first reported the problem to him. My flat is uninhabitable and causing me health problems with the excessive damp and mould growth. I am worried what damage it is doing in the long run and how this will affect the value of the lease. I have already paid considerable sums to surveyors to find out what the problem is and the response has been for me to tank the interior of the basement at a cost of around £50,000 including making good and rebuilding load bearing walls. The freeholder has remained silent and refuses to liaise with me. He is still taking my rent and service charges. I cannot afford a lengthy court battle that may drag on for months more. I just want my home repaired to a decent habitable standard. What can I do?

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    July 23, 2011 at 9:27 am

    There are landlord/tenant laws specific to where a person lives, but in the past I’ve found these to be ignored by many landlords and good only if you do go to court. I’d suggest sending all rent payments via registered, return receipt mail and include a specific list of what needs to done, including the reports you’ve had done by the surveyor, and a demand to repair. You may also want to check and see if there are any building abatement laws where you live that require housing to be safe and report the problems you’re having. If you document what is wrong, what needs to be done passed on professional advice and you still get no answer, I’d consider moving and then going to court for reimbursement of moving costs and charges related to obtaining reports to determine what is needed to make repairs.

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