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We are telemaketing company generating leads.We sell our live transfers to no more than 2 loan officers at a reasonable cost.

Please help how can I find people who are looking to buy those

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    Beverly S
    February 2, 2014 at 10:46 am

    I can tell you this- I work for a mortgage company- we do not ever buy leads. The quality of the leads are usually so bad due to the fact that the telemarketers don’t know the business- don’t know the guidelines- all they are out to do is see if someone is “interested” in refinancing. We end up with people with no jobs, horrible credit, no money in the bank, no equity etc. Also most leads have been through so many different companies (sold to 5-10 different mortgage companies) that alot of them are already working with someone else. I think a lead company needs to know the business & sell the leads only to 1 loan officer & telemarketer gets paid only if deal closes. Just my opinion- but…..
    Good luck

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