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I found Farmers Insurance in ND will insure our 1977 mobile home for $ 441 a year. The only one that was willing to insure us without providing documentation of what the owners over 5 years ago did. We are only doing this to be able to become licensed foster parents. ND requires it. Otherwise we wouldn’t bother.

When I talked to the agent this morning, I explained that we own it. I found out it covers what renters insurance covers. I also had someone on here yesterday say old mobile homes can be insured with renters insurance. Does it sound like the agent insured us with renters insurance? I really don’t care, so long as it’s legal.
Foster parents are allowed to have renters insurance

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    June 30, 2012 at 4:38 am

    You need to be careful with Farmers. They appoint just about anyone as an agent, and as a result, many of the agents have very little experience – or are willing to fudge the application to get the sale.

    REAL renters insurance, should run you around $ 150 a year. If renters insurance is all you need to be a foster parent, call the insurance company that writes your car insurance, ask if they can put a renters insurance HO4 form on your mobile home. The discount off your car insurance for having both, might be a lot more than $ 150 a year.

    As to what the agent quoted you – ask him what POLICY FORM he is using. I believe ND uses standard ISO policy forms. A renters form, is going to be HO4. Homeowners, is HO3, and does NOT cover mobile homes. But I’ve known farmers agents to deliberately misclassify a trailer as a “house” to write that homeowners policy. It’s a lie, it’s fraud, and it could permanently bar you from ever being a foster parent, if something happens and that fraud gets caught.

    How to tell for sure? If the application asks for the year built, and construction material . . . that’s for homeowners insurance. Mobile home coverage will ask for Year, Make, Model, and length – right on the application.

    Bottom line – he’s charging you too much money, for this to be renters insurance.

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