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so heres my situation…
i think i have low blood pressure or something like it, because EVERY time i stand up i get extremely dizzy and have passed out a couple times.
my step dad is out of a job for the next few months so we don’t have insurance so i cant be checked out be a doctor to see what is actually wrong with me.
i went to hemp-fest a little while back and ate an ear of corn dipped in marijuana butter by mistake (tasted funny in a good way but i didn’t think it was marijuana because I’m dumb i guess) and about an hour later when i got home i was fairly stoned and i immediately noticed the lack of black spots and dizziness when i would stand up. i absolutely think that marijuana would help me out but i wouldn’t want to smoke it
-how easy is it to obtain a marijuana card in Washington state
-what’s the age limit on the cards(Im 18 in four months)
PLEASE Im tired of waiting 5-10 seconds after i stand up before I can start walking

thanks for all your help

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    July 31, 2011 at 5:05 am

    You can go to a Walmart and check your BP. A visit to a doctor might cost 40 bucks if you tell them you don’t have ins. Much cheaper than a trip to the hospital if you pass out and smack your head,
    Weed actually lowers your BP.

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    July 31, 2011 at 5:58 am

    If you have low blood pressure or a low blood count, your doctor will probably just tell you to take iron dietary supplements. You could be anemic or even have epilepsy.

    If you’re really determined to get a marijuana card, just say you have back pains. I know a guy who did this and it worked.

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