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Id assume the 8 might have cheaper insurance to certain companies due to it having four doors lol

But my question is I’m 19 and been looking at progressive and I have to pay $ 1200 every 6 months for one of these cars! I have a clean record and took the safety course too. Now if I was under my parent’s insurance would that be possibly cheaper? Were doing that with the lexus I’m driving right now (theirs) but I need to build credit and whatnot… no need to worry bout college cause its paid off

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    August 4, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    The rx8 should be cheaper than the 350z. They are both still sports cars and your only 19 so insurance will be expensive. When I had my first car at 18 I was paying over $ 3000 per year for insurance and it was not even a sports car.

    They just tax young drivers your lucky to be paying the $ 1200 every 6 months thats not bad as long as its full coverage with a low-ish deductible and good accident $ $ amounts.

    Nobody can tell you exactly what would be cheaper or what would cost what because there are way to many variables to figure out. Just call and get a quote it takes hardly any time at all. Chances are good your insurance would be cheaper with your parents though.

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