4 thoughts on “Lowest score needed to open kohls credit card?

  1. It seems that since the financial crisis that has come over us even the retail stores have begun to tighten their belts. Scores now are being required around 700 for simple accounts and this is generally considered a higher risk account which is handled with caution.

  2. Just pay cash. You low score won’t be helped if youopen new accounts. It’s best to let your file age off.

  3. Go to whogavemecredit.com and choose your state put in Macy’s and Kohls it will give you an estimated range of a score needed to get approved, but it’s not just about scores it also has to do with collections, if you have any.

  4. I would in NO WAY recommend that you open a kohls or macy’s credit card.

    have only one or two credit cards PERIOD. and have them be either VISA or Mastercard. ANd with no annual fee.

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