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I am renting a house in Illinois and suffered a great loss because the perimeter of the house is not sealed. Originally the concrete was pitched toward the house, the gutters were filled from the bottom to the top with dirt. My husband and I informed the landord of the problems and what repairs needed to be done and even gave her a very reasonalbe quote to do the work since we have a GC license. She stated that she wanted to look around for a better price and get back to us, because she had gotten a quote 3 years ago for a lesser amount. Well we called her at least 2-3x a week because she didn’t get back with us and she responded with the same answer. We decided to just clean the gutters ourselves, there was so much dirt packed in the downspout till we had to through them out and by new ones. On Aug. 3, 2008 we got a storm and the rain came in around the entire perimeter of the house, there was minor sewer back up which we were able to control with a sump pump that we purchased from home depot. We called her for over 4 hours before we heard back from her. We ended up with 6-8 inches of water in the basement and everything was lost. The water came into the house through broken seals of the house in the basement and from a crack in the bathroom wall behind the sink. She came about 5 days later with a permit from the village for us to do the work. We later found out that a third of the water comes in from the roof. I runs down the the middle of the walls and comes out in the basement. She is aware of this and has done nothing yet. She had agreed to pay for our losses but has since changed her mind. What can I do to hold her accountable for my losses? I do have renters insurance and they told me that she is responsible for the losses and to go after her, but I don’t know how.

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    General Custer
    July 30, 2011 at 2:54 am

    It is the insurance company’s obligation to pay you and go after her. Sue them both.

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    July 30, 2011 at 3:13 am

    YOU don’t know how?

    go to small claims or superior court and sue her for breach of
    contract–in this case, a verbal one for reimbursement.
    and take in your insurance data to court too.

    puzzling; your house seemed UNFIT TO live in–or–it would become
    so, under a rainy day. Why then did you not just move out?
    store your goods in a dry place–or did you gamble on your
    work being sufficient?

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