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Asked this before but didn’t get much help. Does anyone know of a good website or company to go through for owner financed homes to buy? We are looking for a house but don’t really want the hassle of getting financed. Would love to just take over some one elses loan. Checked out a website called Rent To Own 1 and it’s a company that buys homes and then sells them with 2-3% down payment and no credit check. Long as you have the downpayment and a good income there’s no bank qaulifying. Anyone know of another company like this? Any help is appreciated

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    Terence P
    February 27, 2014 at 6:48 am

    Hello, my name is Terence Prescott. If you are still looking to find an owner financed home I may be able to help you. I work with a fantastic team of Real Estate professional whose hallmark is honesty, integrity, and service. We specialize in helping people avoid foreclosure. Sometimes its necessary to sell a house through a “short sale” before the home is foreclosed.
    The reason i tell you this is because the same house can then be resold below market value allowing a prospective home buyer to buy a house with an equity position. Some buyers buy to live in, some buy as rental investments etc… What i was thinking. I bet somebody in my group knows or can find a property owner or company that you are inquiring about to owner finance. All i ask in return is if you want to move, look for, or buy another home in the las vegas area, to please consider calling us first to help you! I will help you either way if i can. Take care and have a great Tuesday. p.s. If you notice the early time of my response it’s because i have investors on the east coast who like to meet early in the safe Sincerely, Terence Prescott

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