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I signed a 2yr lease a year ago with my husband. My husband died 3 months later and landlord was notified. She allowed me to pay rent in to payments, when I got paid every 2 weeks. This has been going on for more than 4 months. Several months ago, the toilet started overflowing all the time. I contacted her and she has a home warranty company repair the home; I am responsible for the deductible. Several plumbers came out and told her the sewer pipe outside was broken. There were huge tree roots that broke through the pipe. For about 3 months, she avoided getting this repaired. During that time, damage to the floors occurred; carpet was drenched and wood floors. I had to pay to get it cleaned and have plumbers snake it, so I could use the bathrooms, dishwasher, washer. She was aware of the broken sewer pipe from the previous tenants. Am I responsible for paying deductible on a pre-existing condition? Should I be reimbursed for cleaning and plumbers expenses? My landlord filed an insurance claim with her home owners insurance, so she was paid to replace all wood and carpet downstairs. Now, she decides to inspect the property. I have read many different laws on this and not sure what the real LA law is. I heard they cannot inspect unless emergency, showing the house or making repairs. Is this true? After her inspection, she sends me a letter saying I’m in violation of the lease and I have 30 days to make repairs. She noted about the stains in the carpet that came from that broken sewer. She also mentioned the wood floors don’t shine – that was due to the exterminator doucing the floors with chemical to kill fleas prior to my moving in. And the wood was damaged due to the sewer pipe. Am I liable to repair/replace the floors that were damaged due to the sewer pipe broken/overflow even if she received money from her insurance to replace them? Lastly, she threatened me in this letter saying she has a property manager that I going to take over the property for her and I need to sign a new lease for that person. If I refuse to sign by July 1st, I have to be out by July 15th. She also said that I would forfeit my security/pet deposits. What are my rights??

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    July 23, 2011 at 1:53 am

    You have the right to take her to court. File the complaint before she signs the lease over to a new landlord. She is responsible for the repairs. Hopefully you made written complaints and not just via phone calls. when you moved in you should have done a security check. this simply lets the new tenant alert the land lord if there is any damage to the house. It also makes you not liable for any previous damage. Hope you did your homework and did not get screwed over.

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