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Ok I will start at the beginning My husband and I have been together for 3 almost 4 years every thing was perfect in the start i was 16 he was 19 we dated for a year and then we bought our first house together we moved in and all was good we worked well for the most part he worked full time i worked part time/ went job to job (couldent decide what i wanted to do job wise) so then about 6 months in him and his family started getting mad at me for now working full time and not getting enough money (all bills were paid tho) he started getting crankyer and crankyer started hitting doors and the dog (only hit her twice) and i put my foot down said if you ever hit my dog agian im leaving and if you put another hole in out house your going to fix it and go back to your moms so he hasent done that since (but still throws his phone) but now when hes mad he wont talk and pretends like nothing is wrong and a day later he acts like nothing ever happend and all is fine after a few months of that i got mad (most the arguments were about me wanting to get married and him not wanting to) i told him that i dont want to be a live in girlfriend any more (he bought a ring 3 months after we moved in but dident ask ) so after a yr of living here i told him i want to get married or leave cause i felt like why buy the cow when you get the milk for free…so he proposed we set a date and started planning…that was back in march the date was set for sept 6th so in april his brother imed me online and said his brother can do better and that my (now husband) told him he knows he can do better and wants to find someone eles and im horible i dont work full time i dont cook i dont clean i dont do anything he could do better (im pretty confident about my self or was at this point) and i said ok you think he can do better? do this go get her and bring her over for dinner ill cook for them id like to see whose better then me..and when kevin got home i showed it to him and he called his brother called him out and said none of this is true and if he hates me so much then he dosent need to be apart of the wedding and his brother backed out of the wedding and stuck to it for a week or so then apologized to me (i dident accept) but hes kevins bro so he is back in the wedding we went on with planning his family still makes alot of cracks like of she not strong enough and oh she wouldent know ( back handed for the most part) and im pretty sure they just dont like me and i think his brother was telling the truth that they dont like me (in the conversation he told me there whole family dosent like me) they denied it…so on with planning we (my sisters grandma kevin and his mom) went to lunch and it turned into a big argument we were trying to plan the food ( my grandma was cooking for the wedding) and kevins mom said we dont have the money we should call off the wedding cause i dont work enough and i just bought a new car and we should post pone i adv her that my grandma was takeing care of the food and i have worked plenty of hours at work (happend to have my work stuff on me) so i pulled out my time sheets and showed her i do work alot not that i should prove myself to her any how…then she said wheres all your money then (kevin has 3 car loans at this point) i told her that the money is going into his hobbies truck car truck ins and i told her that kevin should sell one of his cars so we can pay for wedding and she said no no no kevin had them before he met you he shouldent have to get rid of his to pay for it (i had one car he had 3) she said i should sell mine long storie short my grandma was offended that kevin can have 3 and i get one and im the problom all of the sudden…(only one of his ran so i had to buy mine to work) so we all left mad kevin and i dident talk about it then i got home and he was home just us to and i said lets talk about it he dident respond and for 4 hours strait he dident say one word to me and i was begging him to just talk to me about it all so on the 4th hr of me telling him we need to talk about it i said ok if your not going to talk to me im leaving called my sister for a ride( my car was in the shop there was a malfunction they were supposed to fix and dident so i had to take it in) so when she pulled up i said heres your last chance you either talk or im leaving he dident say a word so i left and went to my grandmas at midnight he called and i thought he was going to talk to me about it finaly and insted all he says is did you feed the dogs…i was so mad then he called me at 1 said sorry and he loved me and wanted me to come home and i told him im not comeing home until we talk about it he said we would go into counsleing i went home the next day and all was fine for a month or so but him and his family started it all agian i was fed up and i made a mistake and i was talking to his friend online and we got a little chummy i mean it was all words but i shouldent have he found the conversation( he went into th

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    October 27, 2011 at 3:20 am

    This is a waste of my time. So don’t waste your time.

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