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I need one of my scores to be raised 14 pts. Is it possible to do this in two months? I have two credit cards. Only one has a balance and it is about 10% of the limit. Should I keep a small balance or pay it in full and charge some on the other card too? What can I do to raise my score the fastest?

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    July 24, 2011 at 4:31 am

    There is one easy way to get top 800+ scores.
    Use your credit card, but pay in full each month.
    Carrying balances actually devastates your credit rating.

    Pay off those cards in full and see your score increase within 30 days (or when the closing date is on your cards and they cards report to the bureaus).

    Any time you use more than 25% of your available limits in your cards you are destroying your credit worthiness.
    It is 100% myth that carrying balances on a credit card is good for you.
    Pay in full each month – never pay interest – and get amazing scores.

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