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Me and my boy friend are planning to move to Irvine .He is going to be enrolled to UC.And I am a teacher assistant for ESL(English as a second language)I worked in Lousiana between 2002 and 2004 and I was a substitute teacher for various schools.What is my chance in Irvine?How about rent rates?Can we rent a house like $ 600 or $ 700 ? for a bedroom apartment?How about utilities ?and is public transportation avaliable or do we need to buy a car as soon as we arrive?if not How about the prices on second hand cars? and insurance rates?Is it close to the beaches?Is it a secure place to live in ?Crime rates? questions ,questions…)))Thanks in advance everybody…

2 Thoughts on Is Irvine affordable comparing to San diego?Rent rates?Job opportunuties in teaching for ESL or substitution?
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    Trey Adams
    June 24, 2011 at 9:09 pm has a great tool for comparing cost of living all across the country.

    Rent is well above that range. Depending on the area–you’re looking at $ 1500-$ 3500 for a nicer area.

    Living in SoCal = driving. Mass transit here is a joke.

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    June 24, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    Although San Diego has some expensive areas such as the coastal area but Irvine is expensive everywhere. So are the adjacent cities such as Newport Beach or Laguna Hills. You won’t find a single bedroom for less than probably around $ 1200. A two bedroom place will easily go for $ 1500-$ 1800. For your budget, I am certain that you will not be able to find a place in Irvine, unless you qualify for some kind of housing program. But the last I heard, they had a long waiting list. Since Irvine has a very good school system, a lot of families with kids are trying to live there.

    Actually OC in general is not very affordable in terms of housing because in San Diego if you go a little east to La Mesa or a little south to Chula Vista, the rental prices come down a lot. You would think that some of the less nicer areas in OC would be significantly cheaper but they are not unless you go to really bad neighborhoods. Try looking in cities a little north of Irvine such as Costa Mesa or Tustin. Do not go west or south because things get more expensive. I think a lot of the UCI students commute from Costa Mesa. Also consider Anaheim and areas around there and you will probably find one bedroom place that is fairly decent for slightly less than $ 1000.

    If your bf is going to be a student at a UC, the off-campus housing office can probably help you out too.

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