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My understanding of the global financial crisis, which originated invest in large part by the collapse of the real estate industry and market understanding financieros.Mi shares usually (not much) is that I buy equity funds / each other when they are very low, so that you can sell profit when very altos.Desde financial and real estate stocks is very low due to its recent collapse I think it would be a good investment at this time and will be likely to improve después.Esto in mutual funds that invest in specialized real estate or finance. What do you think? Would they be a good investment? Also, please state your qualifications (if any) to give such consejos.Si not good, there is another industry that you propose? Thank you!

3 Thoughts on Investing in real estate and finance now good or bad?
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    December 16, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    I would say financial’s are a short term investment only because the banks shouldn’t even be around right now, but the government is supporting them.. so they may go up a bit but they have to pay back the government in the long term so they got a lot of debt to pay off

    real estate on the other had is good as long as you avoid the companies that are into mortgage loans.. like freddie mac and fannie mae..they are kinda a 50-50 shot right now.. I don’t know about you but i don’t like those odds.

    so what kinda of real estate is good to buy now? the answer is REIT which is short for real estate investment trust.. they are companies that own a bunch of real estate and pay their share holders a percentage of the profits.

    I recently Investing is SPPR which is a great REIT in the hotel/motel market.. when the bull market comes.. everyone is going to be traveling more and hotels and motels will see a huge profit increase.. and what really caught my eye about SPPR compared to other REIT’s is that they increased there profits every quarter during this bear market… that is very impressive. and there management is really good and has already started buying up a good amout of real estate that is going to turn an nice profit this upcoming bull market

    I hope this helps


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    Matt Gerchow
    December 16, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    I hate to bring another competitor into the game but internet marketing is the new investing. The internet introduces a leverage of targeted eyeballs to the marketplace that has never before been replicated in the history of the planet other than maybe when the television first came about.

    Take advantage of it. I was part of the Web 1.0 world working in Silicon Alley of downtown Manhattan. That was a different time and place.

    In today’s market businesses have to make money in order to survive. I remember asking someone one time…where do you put the credit card in? Don’t get me wrong…good content is still king when driving traffic.

    Anyway, I know a guy named John Schroeder that put together an investor marketing tips book for the Real Estate Investing community. He’s giving away copies as a start up promotion for his website and software business.

    As the owner of I come from the real estate investing world myself. Our market is sure changing with the internet. Seems there’s a Web 2.0 tool for everything now.

    Well, probably because we can’t stay competitive anymore without the latest tools and technologies.

    Let me know if the links no longer active

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    Big Hurt
    December 16, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    Real Estate is smoking hot to invest in right now! If you take greed out of the picture, you can buy homes for pennies on the dollar, and legally wholesale them the next day for nickles on the dollar! You won’t make a ton, but if you can buy and sell a home within hours and make a couple GRAND per pop……it’s a no brain-er.

    You increase your risk when you buy for wholesale and try to sell at Retail prices.

    Charrissa Cawley has a great and affordable course that I recommend:

    Good Luck!

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