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I recently got a notice that our Insurance will no longer be covering any homes in Hurricane Zone, unless it’s a brick or stucco home.

Obviously this concerns me since I’ve done so much upgrading/remodeling since last year (after hurricane dolly) and I need to find an insurance company that’s willing to take me even though my home is not made of brick.

Someone in a similar situation who has found an insurance company to take them, please let me know what company it was.

FYI: I live in South Texas, 30 miles W of the Gulf Coast.

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    February 28, 2014 at 6:07 am

    Are you in a coastal Texas county? If so, you can get Windstorm/Hail/Hurricane coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association ( This is a state run insurance program for coastal Texas counties. It ONLY provides coverage for windstorm/hail/hurricane in coastal Texas counties. If you don’t live in a coastal Texas county, you are not eligible for it. In order to purchase this coverage, you must speak with a licensed insurance agent. I recommend visiting to find the closest agent if this is the case.

    If you received notice that your insurance company is no longer covering your home completely, then yes you need to find coverage soon. Unfortunately, where you are located there are many restrictions. However, there are smaller companies willing to write coverage in your area. Try America First, Safeco, or some of the smaller companies. It would be best for you to contact a local independent insurance agent to help you out with this.

    Good luck

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