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i have a friend whose house has been flooded several times due to hurricanes and rains. in fact, theres water in her house right now, but she doesnt know how much. (shes at her daughters house right now), her house flooded when hurricane rita and ike can through. her garage got water in it again, after ike came through, and now theres water again. her foundation of her house is actually cracked. the insurance company wont condemn her house. i dont know all the financial details, but i was wondering if anyone knew of any agency that could maybe i could call. the deacons from the church are working on her house when they can. she lives in houston, texas.

thank you,

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    Ted J
    July 25, 2011 at 5:48 am

    health dept?

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    Spock (rhp)
    July 25, 2011 at 6:42 am

    you have several fundamental misconceptions, the most important of which concern who regulates housing and which insurance covers what.

    government regulates housing. if a home is to be ‘condemned’, it must be done by the appropriate government unit — in texas, that’s probably the county, but may be the city of houston.

    flood insurance is separate from homeowner’s insurance and is only available from a Federal program/agency. So, the ordinary homeowner’s insurance company will do nothing at all.

    The traditional response of flood insurance, if your friend has it, is simply to pay to rebuild the house or repair the damage. They almost never pay off to raze the house, as you seem to want.

    It is the buyer’s responsibility to ask about flooding and whether the house is located in the flood plain before buying. If the floods you’re speaking of were caused by hurricanes, that the house is so close to the water is obvious and the seller wasn’t required to disclose that a hurricane might do this — in theory, everyone knows the risk and your friend chose to buy there anyway.

    hopefully, this’ll make things a bit clearer even if your friend gets no assistance from anyone.

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    July 25, 2011 at 6:54 am

    The insurance company can’t condemn a house. The local building inspector has to do that.

    If you want the house condemned, call the Houston building inspector (311) and have them come out. If they pronounce it unfit to live in, they’ll condemn it.

    That doesn’t mean insurance will pay ANYTHING though. Foundations, generally, are not covered on any homeowners policy in Texas, regardless of cause of damage. Water damage is also excluded under a homeowners policy, but she could try her flood insurance, if she has any. It will pay to REPAIR her house, or to rebuild on the same location, if it’s a total loss. It doesn’t sound like her house is a total loss.

    If she neglects the water repairs, or doesn’t take measures to prevent it in the future (french drains?), then it CAN be destroyed by rot and mold – which ALSO are not covered under homeowners policies here in Houston.

    The water coming in, yes, we get lots of heavy rain, here in Hurricane Houston, but she needs to do what she can to PREVENT the damage in the first place, not just rely on checks from the insurance. HER AGENT should help her with this.

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    July 25, 2011 at 7:46 am – try this one. Got my home insurance from them. As I know they provide such a service.

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