2 thoughts on “In nj my rental recived structural damage is my lease void now?

  1. If you are referring to damage from Hurricane Sandy, no, such damage does not automatically void your lease. This damage is NOT your landlord’s fault. Your landlord will repair the premises as soon as is practical. If the premises are not livable, you get to live elsewhere. Your landlord only needs to give you credit for days on which you could not live in your rental premises. Now, if you had renter’s insurance, ALL of that would be covered (But I’m guessing you didn’t bother with renter’s insurance)

  2. I’m not sure that is correct. Here…Texas…when an apartment was not livable from water damage, the landlord was forced to put the tenant up in a hotel/motel until repairs were done. With something as big as all the damage from this hurricane, I don’t know. Supplies will be bought up immediately and it may be next to impossible to buy what is needed to fix your place. Since this is an act of God…not sure and it would be different in each state.

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