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I have had a sally mae loan that went delinquent, and the government took my whole check this year to pay it off. But I got 500 back after they took it all so im guessing its all paid. But with that delinquent.. can I qualify for anything?

I really need to go back to school, but can I even? If I cant get approved for financial aid, theres no way besides grants which wont cover all of it right?

1 Thought on In California, is it possible to get a student loan with no co-signer and a credit score of 515?
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    July 24, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    You are likely going to find it very, very difficult to get a private loan without a co-signer this year, especially if you have credit issues. If you are not sure about the loan being fully repaid I suggest that you check into that. Either contact Sallie Mae, or if it was a federal loan that was issued to you (seeing as the govt is collecting on it) than you may get more information from Or pull a copy of your credit report.

    Before going back to school you would be wise to get your finances in order and maybe save a little money so you don’t have to borrow loans for everything.

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